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Format of the Competition

This second edition of the ASP competition is a "Model and Solve"-competition for search- and optimization problems.

A number of benchmark problems are provided together with a number of instance problems. Each of these benchmark problems is specified by a problem statement, an input vocabulary and an output vocabulary, both consisting of predicate symbols. During competition, a number of instances of each benchmark need to be solved.  Each participant will thus submit a solver and a modeling for each benchmark problem.

A participant submits for each benchmark a script with the same name as the benchmark (see list of benchmark names). This script calls the solver with the modeling, and applies it to an instance which is given through standard input. During competition, this script is repeatedly called by the competition software, to solve a number of instances of the benchmark. More details on the installation of the benchmark scripts and solutions can be found here.

Below are links to more detailed descriptions of aspects of the format of the competition:

Format of input and output
Ranking system
Implementation of the competition phase
Testing the correctness of answers
Hardware and software