Natural and Artificial Genetic Variation in Microbes

1 January, 2012 to 31 October, 2017


  • Verstrepen Kevin
  • De Raedt Luc
  • Michiels Jan
  • Thevelein Johan
  • Vanderleden Jozef

Understanding the relationship an organism’s genotype (DNA sequence) and phenotype (physiologicacteristics) remains one of biology’s most fundamental challenges.he past six decades, geneticists have focused primarily on the simplest ns: what is the precise role of a particular gene or genetic locus, and s variation in this locus affects the phenotype of an organism? While tharch yielded invaluable fundamental insight and enabled powerful industr medical applications, it is only the tip of the proverbial genetic iceb becomes increasingly clear that many phenotypes and diseases depend on e mutations (alleles) in multiple genes (loci). Moreover, in many cases,nbsp;is a complex interaction between these mutations - a specific mutat only play a role when other mutations are also present. ... more