Accelerating Inference in Probabilistic Programs and Databases

1 January, 2015 to 31 December, 2018
DTAI Coordinator: 
Floris Geerts (UAntwerpen)


  • Floris GeertsĀ (UAntwerpen)
  • Luc De Raedt (KU Leuven, woordvoerder)
  • Guy Van den Broeck (KU Leuven)


The main objective of this project is to develop a unifying framework for accelerating probabilistic querying in both probabilistic databases and in probabilistic programming. The project is based on the observation that for several of these particular types of queries, algorithms for query answering as well as theoretical insights have often been studied in only one of the two areas of PP and PDB in isolation. Within the intended context of this project, our goal is to generalize and adapt these results for use in each of the other area and for obtaining a more principled understanding of their underlying issues and commonalities.