Logic Programming Doctoral Dissertations

Editor: Enrico Pontelli

The objective of this column is to advertise completed (or almost completed) doctoral dissertations that have a connection to the realm of logic programming. If you are a student and you are about to defend your dissertation, please send me your name, affiliation, and a short abstract. If you are a faculty member and you have a student that is about to graduate, please encourage her/him to send me this information.
I count on your help to make this column a success!!

Alessandro Dal Palu'
Constraint Programming Approaches to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem

Universita' degli Studi di Udine, Italy,  2006

The problem of Protein Structure Prediction is one of the most challenging aspects of Bioinformatics. In this work the problem is tackled by means of Constraint logic programming techniques, to provide an efficient, approximate yet realistic, parallel solution to this problem. Particular care is devoted to the formalization and design of constraints and of the
constraint solvers developed.