Where do our researchers go after KU Leuven?

During the last year, many of our post-docs and former collaborators have been promoted or taken on new positions at different institutes.  

Vaishak Belle starts as assistant professor at University of Edinburgh

Vaishak Belle, FWO postdoctoral researcher at DTAI, will start as a tenure-track assistant professor and Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, UK.  The Chancellor’s Fellow awards are aimed at early independent research career individuals.
Vaishak’s research is in artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and machine learning, and in particular, he is interested in the bridging of logical and probabilistic models, automated reasoning, automated planning and robot programming.
Vaishak previously was at the University of Toronto, and the Aachen University of Technology. At Leuven, Vaishak mainly worked on inference, learning and planning in mixed discrete-continuous spaces, in collaboration with a number of DTAI members. His co-authors and he won the Microsoft best paper award at UAI (2015) and the Machine learning journal best student paper award at ECML-PKDD (2015).

Tias Guns is tenure track assistant professor at VUB

Tias started on 1 October as a tenure track assistant professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

With his expertise in combining data and constraints using constraint solving and optimisation techniques, he is joining the BUTO group (Business Technology and Operations) at the economics department. He will be expanding the data analytics expertise there, with a special focus on problems involving side-constraints or feedback mechanisms.


Siegfried Nijssen is assistant professor at Université Catholique de Louvain

Since October 1st, 2016, Siegfried Nijssen is assistant professor ("chargé de cours") at the Université Catholique de Louvain, the French-speaking sister university of the KU Leuven. Furthermore, he is affiliated with the Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands, where he has one research project. Siegfried's research interests are in data mining, artificial intelligence and the use of programming paradigms in data mining and artificial intelligence, with a special interest in pattern mining and constraint programming.


Matthijs Van Leeuwen is assistant professor Data Science at Leiden University

Since September 2016, Matthijs van Leeuwen is assistant professor Data Science (tenure track) at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) at Leiden University in the Netherlands. He participates in the Leiden Data Science research programme, a joint initiative of all the faculties to do multidisciplinary research on the analysis of scientific data.

His research interests are mainly in exploratory data mining: how can we enable domain experts to explore and analyse their data, to discover structure and ultimately novel knowledge? To this end, his approach is usually based on pattern-based modelling and/or interactive data mining, often using information theoretic principles. He is also interested in statistically sound data mining.

Matthijs: "What I like about data mining is that you can not only formalise problems and develop new algorithms, but that you can also show that these algorithms work in practice. The Data Science programme as well as collaborations with industrial partners such as Honda Research and GE Aviation provide ample opportunity to demonstrate this."


Kurt De Grave is senior researcher at Flanders Make

Since December 1st, 2015, Kurt De Grave is senior researcher at strategic research center Flanders Make.  He coordinates the development of deep learning perception and inference algorithms for autonomous vehicles. The prototypes are a self-driving minibus for public transit and an SUV. Kurt is also called upon for various industrial machine learning, optimization, and data analysis challenges, from steel wire production to sheet material stamping.


Jan Ramon is senior researcher at INRIA-Lille

Since October 1st, 2015, Jan Ramon is senior researcher/directeur de recherche at INRIA-Lille. INRIA is a French research institute which has departments all over France. He conducts research in the MAGNET group which main interests are in Machine Learning. While also still working part-time for some KU Leuven projects (IWT-SBO InSPECtor and ChistERA Adalab) he is gradually starting up new projects in Lille.

In April 2016, a first project that is in the grant negotiation phase, is a project with a duration of 2 years and 190k€. It’s a collaboration with various companies concerning mobility: data mining of GPS-traces of vehicles. It aims at making traffic more fluent and also takes external factors (like weather, road works,..) into account.


Guy Van den broeck is assistant professor at University of California, Los Angeles

Since August 2015, Guy Van den Broeck is assistant professor, which is a tenure-track position, at UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles.

Guy’s research interests are in artificial intelligence, machine learning, logical and probabilistic automated reasoning, and statistical relational learning. He also studies applications of reasoning in other fields, such as (probabilistic) databases and programming languages.

Guy: “At LA, the research culture is very different. A main difference with KU Leuven is that there is no hierarchy between professors and the department. Each professor is his or her own independent research group. Education as well is very different. Students pay course money, which creates other expectations and dynamics, but they also get paid to give exercise sessions.”


Jan Van Haaren is Artificial Intelligence Expert at SciScports

 SciSports will add the Flemish Jan van Haaren to their team of football data specialists. Van Haaren (28) has recently earned his PhD title Doctor of Engineering Science: Computer Science from the University of Leuven. For his doctoral research on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, he received a scholarship from the Flemish Agency Innovation & Entrepreneurship. At SciSports, in the role of Artificial Intelligence Expert, he will focus on the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to generate even better insights for professional football organisations.

More on: http://www.scisports.com/news/2017/flemish-machine-learning-expert-jan-van-haaren-moves-to-scisports


Other members that recently changed jobs

Jon Sneyers is working at Cloudera. Benjamin Negrevergne is Maître de Conférences at Dauphine Université Paris.