PPDP'12 Accepted Papers

Svetlana Jakšić and Luca Padovani. Exception Handling for Copyless Messaging
Maarten van Emden. Matrix Code
Piotr Filipiuk, Flemming Nielson and Hanne Riis Nielson. Layered Fixed Point Logic
Hayo Thielecke. Functional semantics of parsing actions, and left recursion elimination as continuation passing
Nestor Cataño, Carlos Olarte, Elaine Pimentel and Camilo Rueda. A Linear Concurrent Constraint approach for the automatic verification of access permissions
Macías López, Laura M. Castro and David Cabrero. Declarative distributed advertisement system for iDTV: an industrial experience
Antoine Madet. A Polynomial Time λ-calculus with Multithreading and Side Effects
Ugo Dal Lago and Barbara Petit. Linear Dependent Types in a Call-by-Value Scenario
Enrique Martin-Martin and Juan Rodriguez-Hortala. Transparent Function Types: Clearing up Opacity
Kyle Marple, Ajay Bansal, Richard Min and Gopal Gupta. Goal-Directed Execution of Answer Set Programs
Edmund Soon Lee Lam and Iliano Cervesato. Modeling Datalog Fact Assertion and Retraction in Linear Logic
Ornela Dardha, Elena Giachino and Davide Sangiorgi. Session Types Revisited
Andrea Triossi, Salvatore Orlando, Alessandra Raffaetà and Thom Fruehwirth. Compiling CHR to parallel hardware
Martin Sulzmann and Kenny Zhuo Ming Lu. Regular Expression Sub-Matching using Partial Derivatives
Giovanni Bacci, Marco Comini, Marco A. Feliú and Alicia Villanueva. Automatic Synthesis of Specifications for First Order Curry Programs
Ruben Monjaraz and Julio Mariño. From the pi-calculus to Flat GHC
Rinus Plasmeijer, Bas Lijnse, Steffen Michels, Peter Achten and Pieter Koopman. Task-Oriented Programming in a Pure Functional Language
Tom Schrijvers, Markus Triska and Bart Demoen. Tor: Extensible Search with Hookable Disjunction