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Encodings at Asparagus

In view that the installation phase for the 2nd ASP competition (see webpage) is running and there are quite a number of submitted benchmarks, we would like to point you to the encodings processible with grounder Gringo (http://sourceforge.net/projects/potassco). Encodings there were written for version 2.0.2, and the most recent version 2.0.3 prints some warnings because of keywords not preceded by '#'. Anyway, if you would like to use Gringo, the authors recommend version 2.0.3.

The encodings (along with some instances) can be found at the *prototype* of a platform that shall replace the old Asparagus in the near future. It is (currently) accessible here.

On the webpage, you'll find the following:

1. Click "Search" under "Navigation" on the left-hand side
2. Select "Instances" as "Searching Type"
3. Type "ASP Contest 09" as "Tag"
4. Click "Search" under "Actions" on the left-hand side

Gringo Encodings
2. Select "Encodings" as "Searching Type" (1,3,4 as above)
Correctness Testing Programs
1. Click "Show Problems" under "Navigation" on the left-hand side
2. Click "Verification and Evaluation Encodings and Tools for ASP
Contest 09" under Category "Miscellaneous"

Note that files are downloaded from the new platform via a "shopping cart". They are first put into the cart, and can then be downloaded from there choosing an archive format and whether there should be some folder structure.

The authors invite you to use our encodings and Gringo in the 2nd ASP competition. Also, if you find any mistakes or possibilities to improve these encodings, the authors would appreciate if you let them know. Finally, the new platform aims at a more open design than the old Asparagus. If anyone wishes to submit instances or encodings, you can "register", and they will try to give you access. (If it doesn't work, please write a mail, as the new platform is still a prototype )