Master Thesis

Guidelines and Roadmap

 This page provides information specific to DTAI. For general information about theses (the rules on these pages are more important than those on the DTAI webpages):

  • Master in Computer Science and Master in Applied Informatics: See Departmental pages
  • Master in Artificial Intelligence: See MAI pages

For practical information about a master's thesis in the DTAI group:

Selecting a topic

Theses in DTAI typically address a concrete scientific research question. Students formalize the research problem, study the relevant literature, critically evaluate possible approaches for solving the problem, and propose, implement and evaluate a solution. Depending on the student's interests, problems can be of a theoretical or empirical nature, and solutions may involve theoretical results, algorithms, implemented systems, and experimental results.

While predefined thesis topics are available, DTAI encourages students to discuss their interests with a potential promotor and work out their own proposal. To help with this, this presentation gives an overview of the research at DTAI, and the lists below summarize the current research interests of potential promotors. Feel free to contact any of these persons.

Overview of DTAI research

DTAI's mission is to contribute new scientific insights in Artificial Intelligence and the use of declarative specifications, languages and inference in building software solutions. This involves research in theory, languages, algorithms, systems and applications. By doing a thesis in DTAI, you can be part of this endeavor.

See our research page for more detailed topics.