Applied Research

Collaborating with us

  • Master thesis/internships
    Are you a company that is interested in offering or guiding a master's thesis or internship on the topic of artificial intelligence (e.g. machine learning, knowledge representation, data mining, constraint programming) or declarative languages (e.g. functional programming, logic programming, constraint programming)? Contact one of the professors or Wannes Meert (research manager).
  • Funded Projects (EU, Flanders, ...)
    DTAI has a wide experience in collaborating with both industrial and academic partners on a variety of applications. For an overview, take a look at the list of our current and past projects
  • Bilateral research
    In case you are interested in working directly with us, contact Wannes Meert (research manager).
  • Job openings
    If you want to advertise a position within your organisation that is related to artificial intelligence, machine learning or computer science in general, you can contact the departmental PR service to add your job opening to the website of the Department of Computer Science.

EluciDATA network

Together with Sirris and Agoria we are partners in the EluciDATA project. Data overloads almost all sectors of our economy, due to which it is often referred to as the data(-driven) economy. While data is increasingly available, the technology to exploit data is becoming more mature, and opportunities created by data are manifold, its potential is still underutilized in most companies. Therefore the goal of this IWT-funded project is to support companies in exploiting data via different means, e.g. by analyzing specific needs and challenges and investigating existing technological solutions, by initiating structural collaborations between companies and technology-experts.