DTAI Research Group

The activities of DTAI (Declaratieve Talen en Artificiele Intelligentie = Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence) are centred around research and education in programming languages and artificial intelligence. Main themes of study are in the fields of artificial intelligence, declarative languages, machine learning, data mining, and knowledge representation

The research group is subdivised into two main subgroups: 'Machine Learning' and 'Declarative Languages and Systems'. In the Machine Learning subdivision, our researchers investigate a wide variety of machine learning, data mining and data analysis problems. Mostly, they concentrate on problems that involve complex and structured data and background knowledge using expressive relational representations, rich probabilistic models, graphs and networks.

In the Declarative Languages and Systems subdivision, we develop rich declarative languages and solving methods. This includes research on highly expressive formal modeling and specification languages and on the underlying inference techniques needed to solve problems from these specifications, such as querying, satisfiability checking, constraint solving, and optimisation.