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Constraint Programming for Itemset Mining (CP4IM) is a declarative approach to constraint-based itemset mining.

Instead of hand-crafting imperative algorithms, in constraint programming you declaratively specify a problem by means of the constraints it needs to satisfy. A generic solver will then effectively search for the solutions that satisfy the constraints.

In L. De Raedt, T. Guns, S. Nijssen. Constraint programming for itemset mining, KDD 2008, we have shown that this is a viable approach for many pattern mining problems such as frequent, closed, cost-based itemset mining and more.
An accessible introduction is available in T. Guns, S. Nijssen, L. De Raedt. Itemset mining: A constraint programming perspective, Artificial Intelligence 175(12-13), 2011.

This website hosts an overview of our publications, the software we have developed as well as the datasets we used.
We additionally aim to gather information on the use of constraint programming for pattern mining in general.

Contact Tias Guns with questions or comments regarding this website.

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Constraint-Based Mining

Mining all (or top-k) itemsets that satisfy the constraints.

Pattern Set Mining

Mining a small set (e.g. of size k) of patterns that together satisfy the constraints.

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