The First FIFTY Applications using CHR

  1. Synthesis of Object Models from Partial Models, Paper available. Contact: Marco Alberti, Evelina Lamma
  2. Constraints for Multimedia Presentation Generation, Thesis available. Contact:
  3. Typing Constraints and Typed Constraint Systems, Paper available. Contact:
  4. Probabilistic CHR, Imperial College, London. Paper available. Contact: H. Wiklicky
  5. Systematic Type System Design, University of Melbourne, Australia. Papers available. Contact: M. Sulzmann
  6. Dynamic CHR Constraints in Java, Software and Paper available. Contact:
  7. Query Planning for Intelligent Information Integration, Software and Paper available. Contact: Liviu Badea and Doina Tilivea
  8. JCK: CHR Constraints, Search and Visualisation in Java, Online-Demo, Software and Paper available. Contact:
  9. Fluent Calculus, Reasoning about Actions, Robotics, Paper available. Contact: Michael Thielscher
  10. Spatio-Temporal Annotated Constraint Logic Programming, Software and Paper available. Contact: Alessandra Raffaeta
  11. Soft / Semi-Ring Constraints in CHR, Online-Demo, Software and Paper available. Contact: Stefano Bistarelli
  12. CHR for computational linguists, Abduction, Assumption Grammars, Online-Demo, Software and Paper available. Contact: Henning Christiansen
  13. Type Inference with CHR, Paper available. Contact: Sandra Alves, Mario Florido
  14. CHR for computational linguists, Property Grammars, HPSG, Paper available. Contact: Philippe Blache, Frank Morawietz
  15. Constraint Propagation for Arrays, Thesis available. Contact: Sebastian Brand, TU Dresden
  16. Deriving Parallel Codes via Invariants, Paper available. Contact: Wei-Ngan Chin Siau-Cheng
  17. CHR with Disjunction, Abduction, Bottom-up and Top-Down, Software and Paper available. Contact:
  18. Typed Interfaces to Compose CHR Programs, Paper available. Contact: Georg Ringwelski and Hans Schlenker,
  19. CHR and Harrop formulas, IRISA, Rennes, France. Paper available. Contact: Yoann Padioleau and
  20. Checking Haskell Type Classes, University of Melbourne, Australia. Paper available. Contact: Peter Stuckey
  21. CHR for computational linguists, HPSG, Attribute Logic, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, USA. Paper available. Contact: Gerald Penn
  22. Compositional Testing and Simulation, Technical University Munich, Germany. Paper available. Contact: Alexander Pretschner
  23. Planning Software Agents, Siemens Munich, Germany, and University Linz, Austria. Thesis available. Contact: Stefan Hainzer and
  24. Topological, spatial, RCC constraint reasoning, Contact: Brandon Bennet and Anthony G. Cohn {brandon,agc}
  25. Symbolic Analyzer for security policie that verifies the consistency between workflow specifications and security policies. INESC, Lisbon. Papers available. Contact:, Paulo Guedes
  26. Automatic Generation of Constraint Solvers, LMU Munich, Germany, 1995, Demo and paper available. Contact:
  27. Automatic Generation of Constraint Solvers, CWI Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Papers available. Contact:
  28. Intelligent Diagrammatic Environments, Monash University Melbourne, Australia. Papers available. Contact:
  29. Abstract Interpretation for CLP, Universite de La Reunion, France. Papers available. Contact:, Ulrich Neumerkel
  30. Automatic Generation of Test Data, J. Harm, University Rostock, Germany. Papers available. Contact:
  31. The Intelligent Integration and Brokering of Information Project, S. Bressan and C.H. Goh, National University of Singapore. Papers available. Contact: {gohch,steph}
  32. DemoII - a meta-logic programming system that covers a wide range of automated reasoning tasks including abduction and induction. Demo and papers available. Contact: Henning Christiansen
  33. University Lecture Timetabling and Roomplanning, LMU Munich, Germany, Demo and papers available. Contact:
  34. Dynamic Constraints, Constraint Removal, award-winning PhD. Thesis, Armin Wolf, GMD FIRST, Berlin, Germany. Papers available. Contact:
  35. Spatial reasoning based on path consistency, Escrig Monferrer Maria Teresa and Francesco Toledo, Universidad Jaume I, Casellun, Spain, Book and Papers available. Contact:
  36. Eclipse ECH CHR Library, Software and Manuals available. Contact: Kish Shen and Joachim Schimpf, IC-Parc, London.
  37. The Context Interchange Project, Stuart Madnick, MIT Cambridge, USA. Papers available. Contact:
  38. PMON, logic for modelling dynamical temporal systems with actions, change, observations and schedules, M. Bjareland and E. Sandewall, Linkoeping University, Sweden, Master Thesis, 1996. Contact:
  39. ConTeS, Configuration of Technical Systems, using an executable specification languague, TRLC, shown at Leipzig Innovation Fair, September 1996, Armin Wolf, GMD FIRST, Berlin, Germany, Contact:
  40. Executable Z - Specifications, Peter Stuckey, University of Melbourne, Australia. Contact:, Philip Dart
  41. Morphological analysis of natural language, Juergen Oesterle, University of Munich, CIS, Germany. Contact:
  42. Constraint logic programming for graphs, Diploma thesis in Czech, code available, Jan Dundacek, Czech Republic, June 1996. Contact:
  43. Terminological logic decision algorithm, Liviu Badea, AI lab of the Research Institute for Informatics, Bucharest, Romania, 1996. Contact:
  44. Munich Rent Advisor, Expert system on the internet, ECRC and LMU Munich, Germany, 1995, Demo and paper available. Contact:
  45. Ordered resolution theorem prover, E. Dumbill and A. Frisch, University of York, UK, 1995, Master Thesis available, Contact:
  46. GroAK, Solver for non-linear polynomial constraints, E. Monfroy, M. Rusinowitch and R. Schott, CRIN-CNRS and INRIA-Lorraine, France, 1995, Technical Report available, Contact:
  47. POPULAR, Optimal placement of local telecommunication transmitter stations, P. Brisset, J.R. Molwitz and T. Fruehwirth, ECRC and SIEMENS Munich, Germany, 1994, Demo and paper available, Contact:
  48. PROTEIN+, Theorem prover using constraint model elimination, Frieder Stolzenburg, Peter Baumgartner, Olaf Menkens University Koblenz, Germany, 1994ff, Papers available, Contact:
  49. Kanji Font Description, M. J. Duerst, University Zurich, Switzerland, 1993, Papers available, Contact:
  50. Hybrid knowledge representation language, contains various solvers, B. Herbig, DFKI Kaiserslautern, Germany, 1993, Master Thesis (in German)
  51. GRF, Temporal reasoning language, G. Dondossola and E. Ratto, CISE, Milano, Italy, 1993, Reports available, Contact: {elena,giovanna}

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