Version History

since May 2005


This page shows the version history of the K.U.Leuven JCHR system, starting from the original release by Peter Van Weert at the completion of his master's thesis, which we have labelled version 1.0.0 for convenience's sake. For subsequent releases we increase the last number for minor updates or bug fixes and the second number for larger updates or when backwards incompatibilities were introduced (to non-experimental features). Incrementing the first number is reserved for major updates...

The current version is a prototype, proof of concept implementation, developed to test and demonstrate the architecture, and to be used as a research vehicle. However, though there might be some implementation issues and bugs distinguishing it from a production-quality system, it is certainly complete and stable enough to be used readily in your applications. The system is also under active development, and each release is a step forward! We kindly ask our users to submit all issues they encounter, so we can keep improving the system.

Version 1.x

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