CHR 2010

Seventh International Workshop on Constraint Handling Rules


The CHR 2010 Workshop will be held July 20, 2010 in Edinburgh (Scotland) at the occasion of ICLP 2010 (part of FLoC 2010), the premier international venue for presenting research in logic programming.

The Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) language has become a major declarative specification formalism and implementation language for constraint reasoning algorithms and applications. Algorithms are often specified using inference rules, rewrite rules, sequents, proof rules, or logical axioms that can be directly written in CHR. Its clean semantics facilitates program design, analysis, and transformation. See the CHR website for more information.

The aim of the CHR workshop series is to stimulate and promote international research and collaboration on topics related to the Constraint Handling Rules language. The workshop is a lively, friendly forum for presenting and discussing new results, interesting applications, and work in progress. Previous Workshops on Constraint Handling Rules were organized in 2004 in Ulm (Germany), in 2005 in Sitges (Spain) at ICLP, in 2006 in Venice (Italy) at ICALP, in 2007 in Porto (Portgual) at ICLP, in 2008 in Hagenberg (Austria) at RTA, and in 2009 in Pasadena (California, US) at ICLP.


The CHR 2010 workshop offers a very attractive and varied programme. Next to our accepted technical papers, we have two invited speakers: Mark Proctor from the JBoss Drools project, a major open-source business rule platform, and Matt Lilley from SecuritEase, a leading stock broking dealing and settlement system, and one of the most prominent industry users of Prolog and CHR.

Other highlights are the first practical confluence checker for CHR, and several application-oriented presentations, including two demos by students from the University of Ulm on using CHR with a multi-touch interface: one for automated music generation, and one aimed at providing long-term routing for fully autonomous sailing boats (in cooperation with the Roboat project).

Because many FLoC attendants will be new to CHR, we included two additional introductionary presentations: Thom Frühwirth will give a broad tutorial on CHR in general, and Jon Sneyers will introduce the recent CHR-based probabilistic formalism CHRiSM (also presented at the main ICLP conference).

The full workshop's program is available here.


The workshop proceedings are available as a technical report. Individual PDF versions of all accepted papers are available on the programme page or from the CHR bibliography.

Programme Committee

Workshop Coordinators


Peter Van Weert
Department of Computer Science, K.U.Leuven
Leuven, Belgium
Leslie De Koninck
Victoria Research Laboratory, NICTA
Melbourne, Australia