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Prolog and the Web

Appeared in Volume 9/2, May 1996

Keywords: web programming.
Mooch C. Yap
21st February 1996

Does anyone know a simple way to run a compiled Prolog script across the internet, perhaps by using a shell script?
Lee Naish
23rd February 1996

If you're interested in a HTML form interface to NU-Prolog, check out:
Manuel Hermenegildo
24th February 1996

See our Prolog HTML library, available via anonymous FTP from the CLIP FTP server:

The manual is at:
Seng Wai Loke
10th March 1996

We have been extending the Web page notion with LP behaviour and state (called LogicWeb). Some of our current work can be found in a paper at:

Any comments are most welcome.

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