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Halfway to the Prolog Thousand

Appeared in Volume 6/2, May 1993

Keywords: thousand.

Chris D S Moss

Below is the first summary of the Prolog thousand database which now contains nearly four hundred entries. About half the entries also have statistics showing that the length of programs ranges from 9 to 200,000 lines (totalling over 2 million lines) and took from 1 hour to 70 person- years to develop, with averages of around 14,000 lines and 30 person- months.

To distribute it, I've selected only 4 out of the 30-odd fields in the database: Name, Domain, Developers (only first two names) and Country. Fields are separated by tabs so that it is easy to put into a word processor or spreadsheet. I have tried to keep it to 80 columns, but without success and the distribution process may split some of the lines.

If you work with other programmers I would encourage you to format the list with a word processor and post it up somewhere. This has two benefits: it may encourage other Prolog programmers to submit their entries, and show non-Prolog users that Prolog is being used in the real world.

We are keen to get more entries. Look down the list and see if projects you know about are there. If not, then email me details of names and addresses or, failing that, references (don't post them to the net).

We have generated some of the entries ourselves from published data. If you see your own project here which you have not submitted, send me a request and I'll mail you the entry for correction and completion. We plan to do this for all entries real soon now!

[ See the sub-section on the Prolog 1000. ]

Chris D S Moss
Dept. of Computer Science
Imperial College, London, UK

AALPS; Aircraft planning; SRI International; USA
ACACIA; Nuclear power; CEA, Electricite de France; France
ADAN; Knowledge Aquisition; A Trias, X Fustero; Spain.
ADAS; Digital design; Iksoo Pyo et al; USA
Aditi Compiler; Deductive Databases; Peter Stuckey; Australia
ADP - Arc Welding Diagnosis & Planning System.; Manufacturing Design
Fraunhofer-Institute; Germany
ADW Knowledge Coordinator; Systems development; KnowledgeWare, Inc; USA 
AFARS - Asset Forfeiture advisor and reporting system; Law enforcement; Dennis M.
Scott; USA
AGATHA; Electronic Diagnosis; D Allred; M Bennett et al; USA and UK
AIA-TRANS; Freight distribution.; A Trias, P Llopis et al; Spain.
AiGerm; Database design; Safaa H. Hashim; USA
Air Pollution ControlSystem; Pollution Control; J. Bendl, Gy. Lugosi, Z. Markusz
AJAX; Payroll administration; Jonathan Souster; UK
ALBERTUS  ; Physics Training; O Miettinen, A Miettinen et al; Finland.
ALIEN; Equipment documentation; Dassault Electronique; France
Answer information system; Software development; P. Ban, J. Kohegyi et al
APACHE; Interactive Scheduling.; COSYTEC; France
ARCHON; Information systems; Jennings; UK
ASIGNA; Chemical processes scheduling; David A. Rosenblueth; Mexico
ASK  (Associative System Kentek); Industrial Data Analysis; K van Goor; RF
Jansen.; Netherlands.
ASTROLIZA / Aastro Brain Base; Astrology; Ole Eshuis, Amsterdam.; Netherlands
ATMI; NL; Dr A. P. Steward; UK
ATR Trainer; Training; Paul French; UK
AUNT; Electronics Design; Peter Reintjes; USA
AUTOPROLOG; Legal drafting; Charles S. Saxon, Layman E. Allen; USA
BAMBI; Intelligent front end; David Barnard; UK
BATEX; Building Design; Charles MENET - Marc MORO (expert); France
BEACON; Computer manufacture; Unisys, Paoli Research Center; USA
BEARING; Mechanical Engineering; Andres Lomp; Estonia
BinProlog; Language Implementation; Dr. Paul Tarau; Canada
BIS/Estimator System; Data Processing management; BIS Applied Systems Ltd.; UK
Blankrupter; Legal forms processing; Norths Winds and Julius Blumberg Inc.; USA.
BUP; computational linguistics; Y. Matsumoto et al; Japan
Bus-guide; Transport information; Le Dizes; France
BUT; PLAN; Burgard, Luttrinhaus, Plumer ; Germany
CAD tools in electronic engineering; Electronic design; K. Pastrone-Varga
CAD tools in mechanical engineering; CAD; J. Farkas, J.Fileman et al ; Hungary
CADRAN; CAD.; Dr.  Uwe Crenze.; Germany
Calculation of Physico-chemical Parameters; Pharmaceutical industry; F. Darvas,
I.Futo et al; Hungary
CAPS - Computer Aided process Scheduling; Intelligent Databases; K Thorshoej; L H
Jacobsen; Denmark
CASEy; expert system, manufacturing; Bill McClay, et al; USA
Cast Component; Manufacturing design; Renault Motor Co.; France
CATS/DIANA; Electronic diagnosis; Dassault Electronique; France
Chemical Information System; Chemistry; F. Darvas, I. Futo et al ; Hungary
Chemical resource allocation; Manufacturing planning; David A. Rosenblueth
ChemiSafe; Intelligent Databases; Henrik Zangenberg; Denmark
CK Expert Modeller; Design; Rodney Myers; UK
CLARE/CLE; Natural Language ;  SRI Intl Cambridge.; UK.
CLIENT RISK MANAGEMENT; Banking; Xavier Fustero, Xavier Orteu.; Spain
CLINT; Learning; Raedt, and Bruynooghe; Belgium
Cobol Program Generator; Software applications; I. Futo, J.Szerediet al; Hungary
COMANDOS; OO; A. El Habbash et al; Ireland
COMBAT; Simulation.; COSYTEC; France 
COMMUNAL; ; Tim F O'Donoghue; UK
CONSULT; CAD; Jarmo T Alander; Finland
Contralto; Transport; Le Dizes; France
CONTRALTO; Transport planning; C. Guimaraes, J-M Le Dizes; France
Coronary Network reconstruction; Medical investigation; M. Garreau, C. Chardenon
et al; France
COTORRA; Train dispatching.; Xavier Orteu and programmers team.; Spain
CPE; Programming Automation ; Andres Lomp; Estonia
CPLAN; Planning.; COSYTEC; France.
CVE; Digital design; R Schmid, E. Tide'n; Germany
DAMOCLES - Damage Monitoring and Control; Fire-fighting; TNO Physics and Electron
Lab;  Netherlands.
DART; Concurrent programming; P. Rondogiannis, M.H.M. Cheng; Canada 
DAS; Financial  statistics; O'Connor Associates; USA
Data flow in Parlog; Systems design; Kevin Steer; UK
DBCodeGen; CASE Tools; S. Dulli - R. Sprugnoli - L. Veronese.; Italy
DBKUNDAR; Customer support; Sigve B_; Norway.
DECIBAC; Expert systems; E. Lehman; France
Declarative graphics; computer graphics; Richard Helm, Kim Marriott; Australia
DedChem; Organic chemistry; Christoph Draxler Roland Kunz Germany Switzerland
DEFINE BENEFIT STRUCTURE; Pension Fund Variation; G Duffy, A Collins, Andrew
Langdon.; U.K.
DELBOLISM; Computer architecture design; V. Kiss and G. Simor; Hungary
DES; Electronic manufacture; Y. Lirov, O. Yue; USA
DESBAT; Architectural design; J. Autran, M. Florenzano; France; Natural language processing; Andre' Linden; Switzerland
DIAVOLA; Mechanical Engineering:Failure Diagnosis,Product Training.; Horst
Koehler.; Germany(West).
DINSA HPP and Stocks; Stocks management.; Regina Llopis, Frederic Casanovas and
team.; Spain.
Direct Guide Insurance System; Insurance administration.; Rune Tendal Kock
(primarily).; Denmark.
DME(Distance Measuring Equipment)Simulator ; Real Time simulation.; J Hakim, D
Campbell.; Canada.
DOFLEX -Dortmund Flexible Legal Expert System Env; Legal knowledge base; Klans
Witulski; Germany
DOKSI; Documentation support; I. Fidrich; Hungary
Drug interactions system; Pharmaceutical Industry; F. Darvas, I.Futo, P.Szeredi
DtoP; Manufacturing design; Edinburgh University; UK
DUALS; linguistics; Yasukawa; Japan
DYNAMIC - system; Locking of buildings; A. Saksa, T. Merinen, O. Koskimaa.
EDF; Power generation; Delphia ; France
ELKARLAN; Train maintenance; Antoni Trias, Frederic Casanovas and programmers
team.; Spain
ELMA; Library Management; Audun Toennesen, Bjoern Bolstad; Norway
EMANON; CASE; Peter Nordin & Sundin; Sweden
EMEX; Strategic Marketing.; T Walker, SMcAllister et al.; UK
EMICAT; CASE Tool; Dassault Electronique; France
EMS; Manufacturing Scheduling; Vincent K.M. CHING; UK
ENZYME SEQUENCER; Biochemistry; G. Matrai; Hungary
EPSILON; Software design; Nurcan et al; France
ERGOPRO; Occupational Medicine; Audun Toennesen, Terje Salbo; Norway
Erlang; PAR; Joe Armstrong et al; Sweden
ERS-1 Payload system; Aerospace planning; BIM; Belgium, Netherlands
ESFA; Electronic design; IBM La Gaude laboratory; France 
ESTA; Expert system; PDC; Denmark
EUODHILOS; Symbolic proofs; H. Sawamura; T. Minami et al; Japan
EUREX; Law; F Balfroid; Jan de Rijkeet al; Belgium
EVA; Decision Support; Antoni Trias, Xavier Fustero et al; Spain.
EVAL; Financial Analysis,Evaluation; Francesco Costa; Italy
EXCAP; Process planning; UMIST; UK
EXEGETE; Education in the Humanities.; Dr. Gearge Teschner.; USA
Expert system for production planning; Process Planning; BIM; Belgium
EXPOD; Chemical Design.; Franz X. Glas; Japan.
FAIRCHILD prototyping system; Electronics design; Fairchild; USA
Fantasy Basketball; Sports statistics; John Dowding; USA
FARGETZT; Programming utility.; Sigve B_; Norway.
FAST PHONEBOOK; Office Productivity; Gregory Bourassa; Canada
FAULTY; Fault isolation aid.; Sigve B_; Norway.
FAUST; Electricity supply diagnosis; Thames Polytechnic; UK
FELIX Interactive Expert system; Intelligent CBT; TNO-FEL and Logica
FIM; Banking; Xavier Orteu; Spain
FLiPSiDE ; Distributed AI; David G. Schwartz; USA
Floor Plan Design; Architectural Design; Laszlo Bela Kovacs; Denmark
FMOL; Software production; I Ferrandiz et al; Spain
FOM; Hotel management; DCM Data Products; UK
FORMALL; Form processing.; RKrofick, P Conte.; USA.
FORMZ; Form Processing.; R Krofick, P Conte.; USA.
FRENCHIP; Electronic design; Dassault; France
GALOP; computational linguistics; Y. Matsumoto et al; Japan
GASMAD; Gas distribution  Maintenance ; Regina Llopis, Rosa Fors et al; Spain.
Gene Sequence Alignment; Biological Research; Argonne National Laboratory; USA
Generalized Query System; system integration; Bill McClay, R Speigle et al; USA
Generator of Cobol programs for Data Validation; Software applications; I. Lang
geons; Computer vision; R Munck-Fairwood; UK
GESER; Ship design; Delphia; France
GET - Graphic Editor and Tools; Software production; Wermelinger & Lopes
GEX-Tool ; electronic assembly; A T & T; USA
Git'N GO P.O.S & Inventory System; Business Application.; Tom Unger.; USA.
GOLDFINDER; Geology; D.D. Hawkes; England
Graph; Software design; Martin Schnuch; Germany
Graphical Front Ends; Electronic design; Greg Munger; USA
GRONPAR; Parallel programming.; E Meijer, R de Geus et al; The Netherlands.
GULICO; Medical information; V. Meskhi; Russia
GUNGA CLERK; Legal expert systems.; David E. Woodin, Esq.; USA.
HAMP; Shipping scheduling; H.J. Holst; Denmark
HATE; Natural Language Processing; R. Wirth; Germany
HESS (House Estimating System); Construction Estimating; R Drogemuller, J Smith
HESYOD; Program Synthesis; A. Ja. Dikovsky; Russia
HOSROS; Health.; Stewart Rosenberg.; France.
HPLus; Computer Based Training; Karlhorst Klotz; Germany
HRM SIMULATOR; Human Resourse Management; G Bourassa, P Cunningham; Canada
Hypertext Toolbox; Hypertext system; PDC; Denmark
ICEBERG ELECTRIC; Electrical dispatching.; Jose A. Marques et al; Spain.
IF/Man; Text analysis.; N Rossler, T Schonauer.; Germany.
IMAGIA; Electronic manufacture; Dassault Electronique; France
INDICAID (Intelligent diagnostic computer aid); Trouble-shooting; Paul van Oordt.
Infologics Faultfinder System; Service Engineering; Infologics; Sweden
Initial growth model for radiata pine; Forest management; E.G. Mason; New
INSPECTION NETWORK; Remote access expert system; Kort E. Patterson.; USA.
INTERACT; medical prescription; IQSOFT; Hungary
ISCN Expert; Health; Dr. Glen Cooper,  Dr. J.M. Friedman; Canada
(IT) 2  Information-theoretic induction tools; Process optimization; E Kamsties,
G Seidelmann; Germany
JONSWAP 3D Wave Force Analysis; Nautical Research; Newastle U, Imperial College,
London; UK
KALIPSOS; User interfaces; IBM Paris Scientic Center; France
KAMIIH (Kasmoc Models); Engineering drawing, 2 and 3D; S Dulli - V Milanese
KANAL (KArlsruhe NArrowing Laboratory); Logic-functional programming.; S
Krischer, R D Bauer et al; Germany.
KANN (KArlsruhe Normal Narrowing); Declarative language; N. Lindenberg, C.
Scharnhorst.; Germany.
Karyotype parser; Genetics Research; D. B. Searls; USA
KASA; Software Engineering; Philip Dart
Rudi Vernik
Gina Kingston; Australia
KBTDA; DDB; Wang, Gray & Fiddian; UK
KCM Help- Desk; Computer Systems; Richard Bland et al; UK
KNOWLEDGE EDITOR 3.20; Computer Based Training.; Albrecht Muller; Germany
Knowledge-based Image analysis system; quality control; BIM, Saab Instruments
Belgium, Sweden
KONE Predicate library; Software Develpment; Mr Kari Hakkarainen; Finland
KONFIRM; Database for church use.; Sigve B_; Norway.
KONFIX; PLAN; Peter Nordin; Sweden
KonText; Text Analysis; Paul Holmes-Higgin; England
KORE/IE; Expert systems; Toramatsu Shintani; Japan
KORNPLAN; Logistics; Lars Bo Steffensen; Denmark
L-Form; Form Processing.; North Winds.; USA.
LanguageAccess; Database Query; M. Sanamrad, G. Jonsson et al; Sweden; Germany;
Laser Blankrupter; Legal forms processing.; North Winds and Julius Blumberg Inc.
LDM; Software development tools; K. Balogh, Z. Farkas et al; Hungary
Leonardo; Database interface; Quintec systems Ltd; UK
LES - Laboratory Expert System; Biomedical Research; Rockefeller University; USA
LEX0; Legal expert system; S. Grundmann; W. Schoenfeld; Germany
LEX1; Legal expert system; B. Blaeser; H. Lehmann et al; Germany
LEX2; Legal expert system; B. Blaeser; H. Lehmann et al; Germany
LIMBO - Line Maintenance Bottleneck Detection; Airline Management; LM Hansen; LH
Jacobsen et al; Denmark
Linear Objects (LO); Computer systems; JM. Andreoli and R. Pareschi; Germany
LMT; Machine translation; M. McCord; USA
LMTX; Machine translation; Michael McCord; USA
Loganair Scheduler; Airline scheduling; Hoskyns; UK
LogicBase; KBS; Ruggles; UK
LOPSTER (LOgic Programming with SubTypes and Extended Resolution); Programming
A. Biere, C. Hintermeier et al; Germany.
Loqui; NL interface; BIM; Belgium
LTUTOR; Legal; S. Grundmann; Germany
MacCLINT; Machine Learning; Inductive Logic Programming ; L De Raedt; W Van
Holder et al; Belgium
Machiavelli; Sales planning; Dermot Bradley; UK
MacLogic; Teaching system; Dr. Roy Dyckhoff; UK
Macmillan Rehabilitation ; Disabled computing; Rod McGill; Canada
MailerMate II; Form processing.; North Winds.; USA.
||MAPLE|| (speak: parallel Maple); Symbolic mathematics; Kurt Siegl; AUSTRIA
Marvin; Knowledge Based Systems; Paul Holmes-Higgin; England
MASS-C (Mechanical Assembly Sequence Satisfiability-Checker); Mechanical
Assembly; KT Seow, R.Devanathan;  Singapore.
MATE; NL; Paul Holmes - Higgin; UK
Mathias; Mathematics; Dr Ron Knott; UK
MATRUSKA; Language Research; Audun Toennesen; Norway
MAX AUDIOMETRIC Testing System; Medical diagnosis.; David Lypka, Errol Davis.
Max; Decision Support; Bhargava, Bieber, Kimbrough; USA
MCDS ; manufacturing systems; G Kovacs-Istvan, M-S Kopacsi; Hungary
McExpert; Decision Support; David McSherry; UK
Medical Expert Diagnostic System; Medical - GP; Imperial Cancer Research
Foundation; UK
MedPro; Medical records and billing.; Steve Luck.; Canada.
MEGALOG; Database implementation; Michael Dahment; Germany
MESSE; medical treatment;  IQSOFT; Hungary
MINOTAURO 1000; Train dispatching and control.; A Trias.; Spain.
MINOTAURO 3000; Train dispatching and control.;  X Fustero et al; Spain
MIS; Program synthesis; Ehud Y. Shapiro; USA
Mixtus 0.3.3; CASE Tool; Dan Sahlin; Sweden
MM4 Weather Modelling System; Weather Forecasting; Penn State U, Nat Center for
Atmos Res; USA
MMI2; Multimodal interfaces / Expert systems; Esprit II Consortium; Belgium, UK,
France, Spain
MODEL OODB; Object-Oriented Databases.;  Prof. Dan Buehrer.; Taiwan
MOP2 ; Project management, manpower planning and recording; Roger Scowen; UK
Morphological Analysis of Hungarian Texts; Natural language; Z. Kiss,  G.
Proszeki et al; Hungary
MPSSS - Multipurpose Substation Simulator Shell; Power Systems Training; Dept
System Planning; Hungary
MTN; Teleprocessing Networks; SZKI; Hungary
N Derivatives of Composite Real Functions; Mathematics; V. Kofalusi, E. Halmai
Name matching; Office procedures; Graeme Smith; UK
NeoMail; Communications.; A Petukhov, D Campbell.; Canada / Russia.
NEST; Network design; Christine Jouve & Fabienne Balfroid; France
Nestor; Telecom maintenance; A Andersson, R Fogelholm et al; Sweden
Network Management; Retail network management; Quintec Systems Ltd; UK
NORMALIZER; Legal drafting; C S. Saxon, L E. Allen; USA
Objective-Prolog; OO; Mattias Waldau; Sweden
Oceanic; Insurance systems design; SOCS; France
OF; Activity Planning; Audun Toennesen; Norway
OLP; TOOL; Cristina Ruggieri, Sancassani; Italy
OMAR; Aircraft Scheduling; Momigliano, Paltrinieri, Torquati; Italy
ONE-LEVEL WORKSHOP PLANNER; Computer-aided design; Z. Markusz ; Hungary
ORA Operational Rations Advisor; Expert system; Army logistics; R Reeves; U.S.A.
Opium; CASE tool; Mireille Ducasse' and Anna-Maria Emde; Germany
Optimist; Oil exploration; Turing Institute Ltd., Glasgow, UK; UK
OPUSPC; Airline Planning; Andrew Parrett; Finn Groenskov; Denmark
OSM; Medical information systems; John Fox, et al.; UK
OTAS; Financial; T. Huynh, Catherine Lassez; USA
P/FDM; OODB; Suzanne Embury; UK
PAGAI; Intelligent Databases; Henrik Zangenberg    ; Denmark
PARAFLOG; Dataflow Modelling; A. Doman; Hungary
PC-PARLOG and MAC PARLOG; Parallel programming; Tom Conlon and Steve Gregory; UK
PCM; Configuration management; System Engineering Research Group; UK
PCUBE or P3; Production and other scheduling; Katalin Szenes & Peter Forro
PDS - diagnosis system; Program debugging; Ehud Y. Shapiro; USA
PEP2; NL; Bourgois et al; Germany
Peptides Model Prediction System; Pharmaceutical research; F. Darvas, A. Lopata
et al; Hungary
Perfect Pitch; Sports medecine; Michael Brown; Australia
Personal Notekeeper; Secure electronic notebook; Stefan Lago.; Switzerland.
PESKY; Quarantine, Management of Nature Reserves, Farming; W Bottomley, RW
Sutherst; Australia.
Pests and pesticides; Retrieval Systems; I. Futo, F. Darvas, P. Szeredi; Hungary
PFT; Chemical industry.; COSYTEC; France
PHARGEST; Drugs inventory management; P Boulanger A Wodon et al; Belgium, Tchad 
PHOEBUS; CAD; C Rominger, Geffroy, Soulas, Guibout; France
Phoebus; Systems testing; C. Rominger, J.C.Geffroy et al; France
Phosulk; Conservation Agriculture; Michael Brown; Australia
PI; Theorem proving; Lars-Henrik Eriksson; Sweden
Pictorial Janus; Program Visualization; Ken Kahn et al; USA
PigE;  farm management.; J Black, J Fleming et al; Australia
PISSARRA; Train Maintenance;  Jose A. Marques et al; Spain
PLANE:  planification evolution; Scheduling.; Jacques Bellone.; France.
Planning buildings; Architecture, Planning; Z. Markusz ; Hungary
Planning of panel buildings; Computer aided design; Z. Markusz; Hungary
PLASMA; Re-Engineering.; Computer Applications Corp; Japan.
PLASTIC; Train control centre.; Antoni Trias.; Spain.
PLASYNT; Combinational logic synthesis; Mats Carlsson; Sweden
Practitioner Awards KBS; Pensions administration; Gerry Piper; UK
PRECIS; Systems analysis and design; John Warren, Basil Barnett; UK
Preditor; Electronics Design; Peter Reintjes; USA
PRESS ; Program Semantics; Roger Scowen; UK
Print-A-Form;  Form Processing.; Norths Winds & Deluxe Check Printer Inc.
Pro*CONSUL; Communications design; Peter Ecsedi-Toth; Hungary
Pro-Sylvia; Agriculture; Michel Rueher, Bruno Legeard; France
PROCAPS; Electronic scheduling; BIM; Belgium, Netherlands
ProdAction; Manufacturing Scheduling; Ignacio, A Kromer, A Scheuer.; Argentina.
PRODATA; RDBMS; Rob Lucus; England
Prof'Expert;  Computer based training.; J-P Baer, M-L Carrera et al
PROGART; Software applications; E. Halmay, P. Gero ; Hungary
PROLAB; Medical; Peter Hammond et al; UK
PROLEX; Expert system; Julius Csonto; Czechoslovakia
PROLOG VERIFIER; Program verification; K.Balogh; Hungary
PROM; Institute of Theoretical Computer Science; T. Kielmann; Germany
PROM; Systems Programming/ Computer architecture; K. Balogh, Z. Farkset al
PROMOTEX; Automobile diagnosis; Reinhardt Skuppin; Germany
Propagator; TOOL; Ming Xi Tang; UK
PROSPEX; Process scheduling; SIRA; UK
Protee; Biology research; Le Dizes; France
Protein Structure; Genetics research; Chris Rawlings, John Fox et al; UK
Protein Structure Prediction; Molecular biology; Caltech; USA
ProTest; TOOL; Dr I D Watson & Norman; UK
PULSE STREAM CLASSIFIER; Radar/ EW; Gregory Bourassa; Canada
PX Telephone Attendant; Telephony Application; Larry Brunet; Canada
Rapidforms Contractor Form Template; Form Processing.; North Winds.; USA.
Rapidforms Tax Forms Template; Form Processing.; North Winds.; USA.
$RD; Software Develpment; Harry Brown; UK
Real Time ABLE compiler; Multi-agent systems domains; Peter Wavish; UK
REDO Window Manager; TOOL; P. Breuer & Papapanagiotakis; UK
REKPERT PLUS (Rectification Knowledge based Ex Sys); Chemical Engineering; U of
Dortmund; Germany
REPROBATE; Validation.; C.P.W. Hornsby, M.J. Metcalfe.; U. K.
RIGEN; Financial Modelling; Brian Read; Italy
ROADS ; Communication networks; R.Schloeglhofer; M.Puchhammer; Austria
RoadWeather Pro; Weather Prediction; Elmar R. Reiter and Luiz Teixeira; USA
SALI; Power distribution; Vlado Milosevic; Switzerland
SAME; Systems design; Tom Docker; New Zealand
SAMPLE; Knowledge Representation; A.H. Gleibman, A.G. Sokolsky; Russia
SANOCOR; Preventive Medicine; Audun Toennesen; Norway
SAR; Electrical dispatching.; Antoni Trias and programmers team.; Spain.
SCE; TOOL; Hans Nilsson; Sweden
Scheduling and Planning; Car Manfacturing; Quintec Systems Ltd; UK
Schikorre; Power distribution; Dr Lutz Plumer & Baumbach; Germany
SCORE; Airline Fleet Management; Dan Ole Johansen; Denmark
Scrivener(TM); Legal drafting; Dianoetic Development Company; USA
SD-Scicon Analyst System; Computer Aided Software Engineering; SD-Scicon; UK
SEAP (Systeme expert d'alerte precoce); Famine Prediction; P-M BOULANGER (ADRASS)
Belgium, Mali
SECReTS; Financial advice; Formula plu; Italy
SEED; Software Development; Betty Cheng & Gannod; USA
SEILBAHN; Transport design; H. Geschwindner.; Germany/Austria.
SEL Compiler; PAR; Giancarlo Succi; Italy
SERPES; Water Engineering; Charles Hornsby; Mike Metcalfe; England
Sesam-Chimio Hypertext system; Medical information; I. de Zegher, Philippe Jassem
SEXSY (Scholarship Expert System); Legislation advice; Dick Schrauwen, M
Carrasquer; Netherlands.
Simapro; Environmental product analysis; R. Heule/L. van Oers et al; Holland.
SIMPOS; Operating systems; ICOT; Japan
SINTESIS; Software Development; I Ramos et al; Spain
SIPS- Inductive Analysis; CIM; Guido Cosemans; Belgium
SIRIUS; Train dispatching and control.; Xavier Fustero and programmers team.
SKIL; CASE; D Galmiche, Conraud, & Herman; France
Skilaki; Expert systems; Marek Sergot and Yannis Cosmadopoulos; UK
SMES; Monitoring.; Dr. Oskar Bartenstein.; Japan.
SMI; OODB; Qutaishat, Fiddian, & Gray; UK
SMS; Mathematics; V. Kofalusi; Hungary
Solitaire Foundation Planning; Planning; D. Holnapy; Hungary
Sonar performance; Sonar design; Thomson SIntra ASM, Toulon; France
SPADE; Software Development; Ian M O'Neill; UK
Speech synthesis; Speech synthesis; York University; UK
SRI Business Analysis; Systems analysis; SRI International; USA
SSPA; PLAN; Brint et al; UK
SSTREN; CBT for mentally impaired; Sigve B_; Norway.
Staff; Staff Scheduling; Jens Kjaerum; Lars Malmgren-Hansen; Denmark
STRAND88 Programming System; Symbolic Parallel processing; RGT Barnes MA Gittins
et al; UK
Studygram; NL; Peter Greenfield et al; UK
SXL; Software Development; Stanley Lee; USA
SYLAE; expert systems interface; IBM Paris; France
SYLLOG; Deductive database; NL query ; Adrian Walker; D Tzoar et al; USA
System 9; Hospital information; Dr. Bart Van den Bosch; Belgium
Tangram; Teaching programming; A. Lucci; France
TARIFICA DATABASE; Telecommunications Costing; David Whitgift (of Logica plc),
David Wightman; UK
TEMA; Installation program.; Sigve B_; Norway.
Term Refiner/Browser; Relational Databases; Paul Holmes-Higgin; England
Termbase.; Natural Language Processing, Computer Aided Translation.; Mr. V.
Srinivasan.; Germany.
TES (TErm rewriting System); Programming methodology; R Dietrich, W Wagner et al
Testing computer architectures; Computer architecture design; V. Kiss, G. Simor
TEX4; CASE/Document Research.; M Cavanagh, D. Campbell.; Canada.
THE MANAGER'S EDGE; Group Dynamics.; Mighetto and Associates.; USA.
T-Prolog Interpreter; Programming languages; I. Futo, J.Szeredi, K. Szenes
Theorist-S; Theory; R Goebel, D Poole, K Furukawa; Canada, Japan
TMDS Comm -Tandem Maintenance and Diagnostic Sys Comms; Computer Diagnostics; R
McRee/H McKelvey et al; U.S.A.
TML Genealogy System; Genealogy.; T. Michael Louden.; U.S.A.
TOERNOOI ASSISTENT; Tennis  Administration; J.G. de Lint; Netherlands.
TopNet; Network design; BIM; Belgium
TransLexis dictionary conversion ; Natural Language Processing; R. Wirth
TWAICE; knowledgebased system; AI Centre;  AP333; Germany
UBL; Problem solving; IBM France; France
UNZ & Co. Export Software; RANDY.; North Winds and UNZ & Co.; USA.
US Export Control Expert System; Shipping regulations; Quintec Systems; UK
Ushell; Programming environments; L. Umit Yalcinalp; USA
UTI; medical treatment; IQSOFT; Hungary
VALERE; Environmental analysis.; Guideo Cosemans.; Belgium.
Vascular Surgery decision support; Medical decision support; P Soper, G
Abeysinghe ed al; UK
Vegetation Management Tools; Forest management; E Mason; D Geddes et al; New
VEX/ATL; Telephone networks; Mark Plotnick, Infologics AB; Sweden
View Creation System; Database design; Dr. Glen Cooper, Dr. Goldstein; Canada
VLSI Test pattern generator; Electronic design; Rajiv Gupta; USA
VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range) Simulator; Real Time simulation.; J Hakim, D
Campbell.; Canada.
VORAN/ABS; Banking advice;  IQSOFT; Hungary
VSTA; Digital design; Fuyau Lin, Shih, Ling & Davis; USA
WADNES; Water Distribution; Paul Holmes-Higgin; Andrew Langdon; England
WALLS; Engineering design; Sharon Sickel Beach & Brian Beach; USA
Weeds In Sugar Cane; Agriculture; Coulston, Smith and Tilley; Australia
WHALE; Logistic.; COSYTEC; France.
WIESSE; Water Engineering ; Paul Holmes-Higgin; Charles Hornsby; England
WSUFP; Functional programming; Chris Fickert.; U.S.A.
XLSIOR; Insurance; Martin Wood, Corlett, & Hopson; UK
XPL (eXplanation for ProLog); Expert System Shells; L. Umit Yalcinalp; USA
XTEL; Techn. configuration.; Mr. Thuy, Mr. Schnupp.; Germany.
XWIN; Graphical interface.; COSYTEC.; France.
Ytoolkit; Graphics; José Paulo Leal, Luis Damas; Portugal
ZEXPERT; Finance; Zsuzsa Farkas et al; Austria
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