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DTAI News DTAI news DTAI-seminar: Against self-fulfilling prophecies by Martin Degeling

DTAI-seminar: Against self-fulfilling prophecies by Martin Degeling

Thursday 5 December, 2013 at 12h00 in Celestijnenlaan 200A (room 05.001)

Against self-fulfilling prophecies - Contemporary mechanism ofindividualization in cybernetic capitalism and what to do about it
by Martin Degeling

In my PhD project, I try to describe modern techniques of Data Mining in their socio-technical context. In reference to the theoretical concept of "cybernetic capitalism" (Gandy 1993, Tiqqun 2007) I want to analyze the implicit assumptions concerning people and society that companies make by profiling and prediction of behavior. I compare their conceptions of regulated dividuals with the liberal idea of autonomous individuals and the right to informational self-determination. The conflict between these concepts leads me to a need for "categorical privacy" (Vedder 1999) which has implications for the design of Privacy Enhancing Technologies, which are the focus of the second part of my dissertation. From the need for collaborative resistance against these methods I want to develop and evaluate a tool to obfuscate behavioral targeting in online advertisement and make transparent how current technologies are used to do this. First prototypes will be presented and hopefully discussed.

Martin Degeling is research assistant and PhD student at the Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany. He studied applied computer science and works in research projects on data protection as well as computer supported collaborative work and technology enhanced learning.

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