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DTAI News DTAI news DTAI-seminar: Making a poster (Albrecht Zimmermann)

DTAI-seminar: Making a poster (Albrecht Zimmermann)

Monday March 25, 2013 at 16h30 in Celestijnenlaan 200A (auditorium 00.225)

Making a poster
by Albrecht Zimmerman (postdoc DTAI)

Making posters is a part of the scientific career, especially early on, that few can escape. Whether in the form of seminar assignments, conference or workshop contributions, or public relations work, posters should engage the viewer and communicate the issues effectively. Unfortunately, posters enjoy neither the advantages of a live presentation, nor those of a paper. Making them interesting is largely a matter of common sense and of being aware of a few rather simple guidelines, however. Since these guidelines can be buried in the rush of making a deadline, because one considers making a poster more of a nuisance than an opportunity, or simply because you never thought about them, we went and wrote them down. Following a short presentation, I'll field all poster-making questions in an extended Q&A-session.