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KRR Software: IDP


Download:  source/executables (Linux, Windows, OSX) - documentation - citations - tutorial - examples - eclipse plugin - vim syntax coloring

Build from source:

Required software packages:

  • C and C++ compiler, supporting most of the C++11 standard. Examples are GCC 4.6 or higher, clang 3.2 or visual studio 11.#mce_temp_url#
  • Cmake, bison (>= 2.6), flex, pdflatex and doxygen.
  • (optional) Gecode for extended constraint programming support.

Assume idp is unpacked in idpdir, you want to build in builddir (cannot be the same as idpdir) and install in installdir. Building and installing is then achieved by executing the following commands:

cd builddir
cmake idpdir -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=installdir -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="Release"
make -j 4
make check
make install


Please report all issues concerning IDP3 here.




IDP2 is a model generator for FO(·)IDP. We distribute it as a jar-archive containing a precompiled version of IDP (win, unix, mac) and a user-friendly GUI. It only requires Java Runtime 6or higher (find a recent JRE here).

For performance comparisons, we recommend running IDP from a command line, as the GUI is optimized for usability. The IDP executables can be found in the directories unix/ win/ mac/ (for the relevant OS) at the root directory after extracting the archive.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 17:06