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DTAI KRR Seminars
KRR Seminars

Knowledge-Base System paradigm:

The FO( ·) Knowledge Base System project: an integration project (abstract) by Marc Denecker at Nicta, Melbourne, May 2011


Knowledge Representation

Introduction to Finite Model Theory by Jan Van Den Bussche, DTAI KULeuven, 2010

FO(FD): Extending classical logic with rule-based fixpoint expressions by Broes De Cat, ICLP 2010

FO(·): The language and its application to model expansion by Broes De Cat, DTAI KULeuven, 2011


and Reasoning

Query answering for the Local Closed-world assumption by Alvaro Cortez, University of Antwerp, 2006

Towards computing revised models of FO theories by Broes De Cat, INAP 2009

DPLL(Agg): An efficient SMT module for aggregates by Broes De Cat, LaSH 2010

Grounding FO(ID) with bounds by Johan Wittocx, LaSH 2010

Recent Advances in Automated Search by Broes De Cat, University of Nebraska in Omaha, 2013

Detection and exploitation of functional dependencies for model generation by Broes De Cat, ICLP 2013

Compiling Input∗ FO(·) Inductive Definitions into Tabled Prolog Rules for IDP3 by Joachim Jansen, ICLP 2013

IDP3: Combining Symbolic and Ground Reasoning for Model Generation by Broes De Cat, GTTV workshop (LPNMR) 2013

Model Expansion in the Presence of Function Symbols using Constraint Programming by Broes De Cat, ICTAI 2013

Experimental Evaluation of a State-of-the-Art Grounder by Joachim Jansen, PPDP 2014


Slides from a tutorial on IDP and the KBS project, aimed at master students:

Grounding In IDP

MinisatID: model expansion in IDP

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