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Welcome to the DTAI research group


The activities of DTAI (Declaratieve Talen en Artificiele Intelligentie = Declarative Languages and Artificial Intelligence) are centred around research and education in programming languages and artificial intelligence. Main themes of study are in the fields of declarative languages, machine learning, data mining, and knowledge representation.

DTAI started in the mid-seventies, closely following the invention of logic programming and became one of the world's leading centres for research in logic programming. Gradually, the scope of its research broadened, including functional programming and more artificial intelligence oriented topics in knowledge representation and machine learning. The use of logic is a common thread to almost all activities.



The DTAI research group contains about 70 researchers.

Are you interested in doing a PhD? Have a look at the ML jobs page, the KRR page or the Analysis page.



The DTAI research group is subdivided in three subgroups:

Machine learningMachine Learning (ML) Machine learning is the subfield of artificial intelligence and computer science that studies how machines can learn. A machine learns when it improves its performance on specific tasks with experience. In order to learn, machine learning methods analyze...

Knowledge Representation and ReasoningKnowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) ID-Logic extends classical logic with inductive definitions, yielding an intuitive and expressive knowledge representation language. The research of the KRR group focuses on this language ....

Design, Analysis and Implementation of Declerative Programming LanguagesDesign, Analysis and Implementation of Declarative Programming Languages (Analysis) Programming is a labour intensive and error-prone process. One way to ease software construction is the development of high-level languages allowing a representation that is tightly related to the application's problem space. These programming languages provide a simple and clear semantics that is an excellent basis for automatic program analysis.



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studentsThe professors of the DTAI research group are responsible for courses in the domain of artifical intelligence, machine learning, logic programming, ....

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Here are some key publications of the group: